Plant Based athlete Catriona Bisset is Australia’s fastest ever female 800m runner

In Episode 85 I sat down with plant based athlete Catriona Bisset, Australian track athlete who currently holds the national record for the 800m event. If you haven’t heard of Catriona chances are you will very soon – seemingly coming out of nowhere she is destined to represent Australia at the 2020 Tokyo olympics.

Catriona Bisset 800m runner Plant Proof

Specifically we cover:

  • Catriona’s days as a young track athlete and the pressures she felt
  • Her struggles with anxiety, depression and disordered eating
  • Adopting a plant based diet and her purpose for doing so
  • The ins and outs of her diet and how she has worked through specific aspects to improve her well-being and performance
  • Setting the Australian national record for the 800m event
  • Being an olympic hopeful and voice for positive change
  • and much more


The ideology behind our diets. The Green Pill by Ezra Klein

Toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices – Melanie Joy Tedx Talk

LIFELINE Australia – Suicide Prevention. Call 13 11 14 to speak to a trained Volunteer. Visit the LIFELINE website here for more information. Remember it’s not weak to speak.


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