Adopting a new lifestyle to reduce the risk of heart disease with Sean Ryan

In Episode 89 I sit down with a long time friend of mine, Sean Ryan. Sean and I recently caught up for dinner and he expressed interest in changing his lifestyle. Particularly given that cardiovascular disease runs in his family and he is ticking quite a few of the boxes when it comes to modifiable risk factors for having a heart attack or stroke.

Sean Ryan Plant Proof Plant Based Transition

In fact lifestyle changes are something that Sean has been embarking on for the better part of a year with mixed results. He cannot help but feel confused by all of the mixed messages that that exist across the internet and among health professionals in his community and in many respects has been left feeling disempowered and unsure what to do. As Sean and I got talking during our dinner I realised how valid his questions were and suggested we shared our conversations, and his journey to better health, as a series on this show to hopefully inspire others. He generously agreed and here we are – the first of a handful of episodes with Sean.

In this episode we cover:

1 – Why Sean wants to change his lifestyle

2 – We hear bit’s and pieces about Sean’s past and life growing up

3 – Why he is confused about what to eat

4 – Why some of the things I say are evidence based are different to what the Heart Association recommend

5 – Answers to questions he has about a plant-based diet

6 – A plan from here

Over the course of the next few months I will upload follow up conversations with Sean where we check back in, get an update, go through any questions he has and make plans for the next period. In the next episode we will be discussing his baseline blood tests, his first grocery experience, how he is feeling physically and mentally, what it’s been like creating meals without animal products and of course any new questions that he has.

Slightly different format that I hope you enjoy. If you do, please share the episode on social media (I know Sean would love your support) and leave a review on the Apple Podcast app. Either or both would be greatly appreciated!


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