Why Plant Proof?

Plant Proof™ was inspired by Simon’s personal experience living a plant-based lifestyle.  Prior to transitioning from animal foods to a plant-based diet he shared many common fears among men, and many women, in this position:“Am I going to lose muscle?” “Will I gain fat and feel bloated?” “What about my iron?” “Will I get enough protein?” Through talking to others that are happily leading a plant-based lifestyle, tuning into countless hours of podcasts, indulging in a diverse range of nutritional books and taking on University studies, Simon has been able to answer all of those questions and more.

Am I going to lose muscle? Will I gain fat and feel bloated? What about my iron? Will I get enough protein?

Simon Hill – Health Professsional at Proof Plant

Being frequently questioned about his diet and what foods he does and does not eat to stay healthy inside and out, Simon decided to set up Plant Proof as a central source of ‘easy to apply’information for anyone.  The blog, eating guides, podcast interviews and other information will be made relevant for people with different health and performance goals.

The below guides will be released over the coming months.  In the mean time keep an eye on the Plant Proof blog, recipes and social media as there will no doubt be many relevant posts to get you started on your journey towards better health.

1 – Who is curious about plant-based eating but do not know where to start and, perhaps, have some fears about how sustainable it will be for them.  If this is you, you will be best suited to the Curious Plant Based Eating Guide. This is the most simple of the eating guides for transitioning to a plant-based diet without too much fuss.

2 – Who is already leading a plant-based lifestyle and want more specific information on how they can meet their fitness goals. These people can go to another level if given the right nutritional information about various plant-based foods and learn more about balancing their daily food intake to give their bodies everything it needs to thrive. If this is you, you will be best suited to the Experienced Plant Based Eating Guide.

3 – Who has cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes or other indicators that they may have cardiovascular issues in the future if they do not make lifestyle changes.  If this is you, you will be best suited to the Recovery Plant Based Eating Guide

4 – Who is obese or overweight and is looking to lose weight in a healthy manner that can be sustained for life.  Fat loss is a side effect of a tailored plant-based diet for anyone overweight. The real benefits are what’s happening on the inside and the fact that the diet is completely sustainable for life and not reliant on joining any programs or taking various pills. Excess weight is linked to the development of many chronic illnesses so it is really in your best interests to lose it for good in a sustainable manner.  If this is you, you will be best suited to the Weight Management Plant Based Eating Guide

5 – Who is wanting to adopt a plant based lifestyle on a budget. Perhaps you are a single mother, a university student or living on a week to week pay check. If this is you, you will be most interested in the Plant Based on a Budget Eating Guide.

6 – Who is a mother or father and wants to understand if plant-based nutrition is suitable for their children. If this is you, you will be best suited to the Infants & Children Plant Based Eating Guide for Parents

7- Who is an athlete or physically active person looking to take their training to the next level. If this is you, you will be best suited to the Performance Plant Based Eating Guide

Each plan has been carefully tailored by Simon to the intended end consumer to ensure their nutritional requirements are adequately met, they are confident with how to pursue this lifestyle and are empowered with the knowledge to do so.

Aside from the Eating Guides, the Plant Proof blog will be an ongoing evolution of work with different topics being covered on a weekly basis via text, video and audio.  At the core of many of the posts will be heavy nutritional information made simple.  Simon will interpret complex information and relay it in an easy to digest and implement manner so you understand how best to fuel YOUR body with plants and create an environment where all your precious organs can thrive.   Plant Proof will go deep into the world of supplements, compare the nutritional value of common foods and debunk many myths. The best part?  Beyond your health, eating a plant-based diet is a liberating feeling and is highly likely to reinvigorate your love for cooking and eating food with family & friends.

Thank you for visiting Plant Proof  – hopefully you find the content interesting and it is able to have an impact on your life and those around you.  If you do find my content interesting, please join in by commenting on blogs with questions/feedback or contact me directly via the Contact Page.  And of course, spreading health is one of the most compassionate things we can offer our friends and family – so please share Plant Proof to anybody in your life that you think will be benefit from improving their nutritional knowledge and food habits.

From Simon:

Lastly, if you decide eating a plant-based diet is not for you, then I applaud you for visiting Plant Proof anyway and taking the time to consider your health.  There is no judgement here – I sincerely wish every single person that I can reach the very best of health and wellness.

May your Space Suit thrive,


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