PRO bodybuilder Torre Washington has built his body with plants

In Episode 53 I sat down with Torre Washington to talk about his journey and in particular how he got into Body Building and what it’s like being a vegan bodybuilder.

Torre Washington Plant Proof Vegan Body Builder

Torre and I were meaning to do this episode in the USA however our world’s collided a little earlier so we recorded it in Byron Bay whilst hanging out and producing some really cool content for Centr which is Chris Hemsworth’s new health & fitness program. If you are looking for some new motivation for your fitness, mindfulness and eating then you will absolutely love Chris’ program – it’s extremely well put together and I feel very lucky to be a part of it as one of his handpicked experts. Of course my focus is on plant based food!

Anyway, we digress.

In this conversation we cover:

  • Bit about some of the places we ate during our time in Byron Bay
  • Torre’s childhood years (what life was like for him etc)
  • His blood lines and what the Rastafari culture means to him
  • What his diet was like growing up
  • What his diet is like now (and yes I ask the infamous question about protein)
  • When and why he got interested in working out
  • His journey to becoming a PRO bodybuilder
  • Why a vegan diet is important to him
  • Coexisting with non vegans
  • and much much more


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