Plant Proof Philosophy

The Plant Proof philosophy is based around what it truly means to be healthy.  As a society, we seem to have become a little distracted by dominating food companies, and unknowingly caught up in their clever advertising. We have forgotten about the many rewards of living as close to nature as possible.

We have been led to believe that medicine is the answer to health, that processed foods are the answer to a growing population and are good for our bodies and that animal products are what humans need to survive and be strong.  Taking control of your health and the health around you means becoming more conscious of foods that you are consuming, and removing the ones that are not doing the right thing by you, irrespective of what you are being marketed or have been led to believe over the years.  Removing preconceived ideas and learning where you can find the nutrients that your body needs to thrive without anything toxic to your body.

The word “healthy” can be broken down to “Heal Thy” and that’s exactly what the Plant Proof philosophy is based upon.  Yes, there may be certain diseases/conditions that require antibiotics or medicine – I am not here to dispute that or enter into a debate around.  I am here to teach you to “heal thy self” so that day in and day out you are fueling your body with the very best nutrients to prevent lifestyle disease, help control/reverse lifestyle disease, and give you the highest quality of life you can achieve. What’s more, along the way I’m going to show you how fun and liberating this lifestyle really is.  You can truly achieve real health both on the inside and out with a plant-based lifestyle.

Find Delicious Recipe of Vegan Tacos at Plant Proof

Through product reviews, discussions of the science and clinical research, food label reviews, recipes, free meal plans, podcast interviews and more, I will endeavour to empower you with the knowledge to put the Plant Proof philosophy into action so you too can make the healthiest of food decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

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