Plant Proof Approved

The Plant Proof Approved logo has been developed to help consumers identify what is a truly healthy product.  With thousands of plant based products on the market, and many more to no doubt launch in the coming years, it’s important that there is a credible body helping consumers decipher product claims and labels so they can make the best food choices possible for the the health of themselves and their family.  All Plant Proof approved products will meet the following criteria:

  • Free from Genetically Modified Organisms (Must have proof of non-GMO origin)
  • Free from any artificial preservatives, pesticides, herbicides or flavourings
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Zero ingredients of animal origin used to produce the product including any stage of production (i.e filtration) or storage, regardless of whether the animal product ends up in the final product.

All products that are Plant Proof approved will receive a dedicated page on the website that explains their brand story, range, ingredients and why the products are recommended.  See Organic Village Tempeh as an example.

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