Feel happier, lose weight and reduce your risk of chronic disease with Gastroenterologist Dr Alan Desmond

In Episode #123 I sit back down with Dr Alan Desmond to continue our conversation on all things gut health!

Alan Desmond Plant Proof Podcast

Specifically we cover:

  • Alan’s path to Gastroenterology
  • What his role as a Gastroenterologist entails
  • The type of gut health problems his patients have (IBD, IBS, colorectal cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease etc)
  • Why Alan recommends a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet to his patients
  • Learnings from COVID-19
  • The EAT-Lancet paper – the importance of this study and how we can use it to inform our food choices
  • A recap of some of the important things we need to know about our microbiome
  • The happiness effect – how food can affect our mood
  • Meat and inflammation in the gut
  • Foods we should be eating more of, and less of
  • A case study of a friend of mine with Inflammatory Bowel Disease – managing flare-up’s, introducing fibre etc.
  • The South West Plant Based Diet challenge
  • Alan’s new book The Plant-Based Diet Revolution
  • Gluten and a healthy gut
  • and much more


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