Dr Michael Greger on how to avoid heart disease with healthy nutrition

Episode 33 of the Plant Proof podcast I sat down with Dr Michael Greger to discuss how we can eat to reduce our chance of developing cardiovascular disease.

Dr Greger is widely regarded as one of the top Lifestyle Medicine Doctors in the world that fully understands the role of nutrition in preventing and reversing many of our leading chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, which was the topic of this episode. The fact that cardiovascular disease causes more deaths in Australia and USA (and many other Western Countries) than any other cause of death, combined with the fact that it can be avoided through dietary changes in most cases, makes this episode and underlying message so incredibly important. We were a bit strapped for time on this episode so we dove straight into the nitty gritty but I do plan to catch up with Dr Greger in person in the not to distant future to sit down and record a longer podcast episode dedicated more to his life journey and a broader look at the state Medicine in the United States and how he would like to see things change going forward.

Plant Proof Dr Greger Podcast Heart Disease

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Dr Greger has a passion for lifestyle medicine?
  • What cardiovascular and coronary artery disease is?
  • The pathophysiology of heart disease – at a tissue level what is it, when does it start and when does it become symptomatic.
  • Who is at risk of developing heart disease (Is it selective or not) and just how big of an issue is this chronic disease
  • How to reduce your chance of developing Heart Disease (or reverse underlying symptoms that already exist) and other chronic illnesses through nutrition, specifically what foods to eat more of and what foods to eat less of
  • Whats the role of cholesterol lowering drugs like statins (Lipitor) and how do they stack up against dietary changes.
  • What foods raise cholesterol?
  • What foods are great at lowering cholesterol?
  • Ape & Portfolio diets for lowering cholesterol
  • Advice about cooking oils
  • Healthy heart sources of fat
  • Reversing damage to our arteries and how long it takes after making dietary changes
  • Dr Greger’s favourite heart healthy breakfast
  • and much much more

If you know anyone at all who has cardiovascular disease or any chronic illness and you think they would benefit from hearing Dr Michael Greger please share this episode. I have personally gifted a copy of Dr Greger’s book on multiple occasions to people in my life that I know can benefit from better understanding the role that nutrition has on their wellbeing. After all, we all want more quality times full of good health with our family and friends…so passing on this information is so important.

If you want to connect with Dr Michael Greger you can do so on Instagram @nutrition_facts_org and online at www.nutritionfacts.org. As we discussed Dr Michael Greger’s books “How Not To Diet” along with the “How Not To Diet” cook book are absolutely golden for anyone new to plant based eating that wants further information on eating to prevent disease, specific information on various plant based food groups and of course healthy recipes to get you started on your journey.



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Hope you enjoy the episode.

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