Saturated fat and cardiovascular disease

Saturated fat: friend or foe?

While the scientific consensus (major guidelines from organisations such as AHA, ACC, EAS and ECC) clearly recommends restricting saturated fat to 5-10% of total calories to […]

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Can holistic grazing reverse climate change?

If you have found your way to this article, I can only assume that we have something in common: both of us want to see a better world where humans and all life on earth is thriving.

Are vegans at greater risk of fracture

In 2020, headlines were made globally after a study involving almost 55,000 subjects from the EPIC-Oxford cohort was published. These headlines suggested that adopting a vegan […]

Food waste and Composting 101

As I wrote about in my book The Proof is in the Plants, food waste is huge global concern. Not only are we wasting enormous amounts of calories by feeding plants directly to animals (who provide us considerably fewer calories in food out the other side) but a great amount of the calories we do produce, end up wasted.

Eating oysters and mussels as a vegan

Are oysters and mussels vegan? You might be surprised to learn that there is a portion of vegans who believe that consuming oysters and mussels does […]

Your Sprouting 101 Guide

Hi friends. As you know, one of my favourite things to do is pass on practical information that’s easy to implement, backed by science, and most […]


Evidence Hierachy & Planetary Health – Mind Muscle Project podcast

Recently I caught up with the Lachy and Raph @ Mind Muscle Project to record a second episode together on their show. We spoke primarily about […]

Is a flexitarian diet healthy & environmentally sustainable?

“Flexitarianism offers an easy way to achieve fast decarbonisation and has the added benefits of contributing towards improving not only the biophysical health of the planet […]

Ultra-Processed Vegan Foods: How do they stack up against the regular animal-based versions?

Last week, The George Institute in Australia released a report highlighting just how much sodium is found in seemingly healthy vegan food products that have recently […]

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