Danny Lennon Sigma Nutrition Radio Plant Proof Simon Hill

Sigma Nutrition Radio – Shifting Towards a Healthier Diet

I was recently invited to join Danny Lennon on his show Sigma Nutrition Radio. In this episode we discussed: How do we go about changing the […]

Microbiome Diversity Plant Proof

Microbiome Diversity Protocol

An overwhelming amount of research has identified that healthy people typically have a more diverse microbiome composition than those suffering from chronic conditions such as Rheumatoid […]

Circadian Rhythm Eating Plant Proof Time Restricted Feeding

Meal Timing Protocol

If you have read my book The Proof is in the Plants, you will be well aware that when it comes to feeling better for longer, […]

Plant Proof Protein Pyramid

Protein protocol for resistance training plant-based athletes

In this blog I am going to summarise the most important things for you to consider with regards to your nutrition when it comes to building […]

Lowering your cholesterol levels with food

Lower your cholesterol and risk of cardiovascular disease with these 3 nutrition tips

In 2020 a group of researchers from the University of Helsinki conducted a 12 week randomised controlled trial to see whether shifting from the typical Finnish […]

Simon Hill 10 key learnings about nutrition and environmental science

10 of my key learnings from nutrition and environmental science

This is an excerpt from a recent media interview: 10 of Simon Hill’s (Author of The Proof is in the Plants) key learnings from nutrition and environmental […]

Saturated fat and cardiovascular disease

Saturated fat: friend or foe?

While the scientific consensus (major guidelines from organisations such as AHA, ACC, EAS and ECC) clearly recommends restricting saturated fat to 5-10% of total calories to […]

plantproof grazing blog

Can holistic grazing reverse climate change?

If you have found your way to this article, I can only assume that we have something in common: both of us want to see a better world where humans and all life on earth is thriving.

Are vegans at greater risk of fracture

In 2020, headlines were made globally after a study involving almost 55,000 subjects from the EPIC-Oxford cohort was published. These headlines suggested that adopting a vegan […]

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