Animal vs plant protein for building muscle and strength

In Episode #137 I sit down with scientist Hamilton Roschel to discuss his recent study investigating whether the source of protein, animal or plant, affects muscle strength and growth in young healthy adults performing resistance training.

Hamilton Roschel Animal Versus plant protein muscle growth and strength

Specifically we discuss:

  • Why this study was performed
  • What the study methodology was
  • What makes this study unique
  • What the hypothesis was going into the study
  • The study results and what we can and cannot say
  • Supplements for improving performance (e.g creatine and beta-alanine)
  • and more

Who is Hamilton Roschel?

Hamilton Roschel currently works at the School of Physical Education and Sports / School of Medicine, University of São Paulo. He does research in Nutrition and Sports Medicine, is the Head of the Applied Physiology and Nutrition Research Group and Head of the Laboratory of Assessment and Conditioning in Rheumatology.


Hamilton’s study that we spoke about: High-Protein Plant-Based Diet Versus a Protein-Matched Omnivorous Diet to Support Resistance Training Adaptations: A Comparison Between Habitual Vegans and Omnivores

Beta-Alanine study Hamilton referred to

Creatine and brain health study written by Hamilton and his team

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