Nicholas Carter Plant Proof Planetary Health Diet

How your diet affects the planet

In Episode 136 we hear from Environmental Researcher Nicholas Carter on how the food choices we make affect the world around us. In this episode you’ll […]

Doug Bopst Plant Proof podcast Overcoming Adversity

Dealing with your demons with Doug Bopst

In Episode #135 I sit down with author, motivational speaker and ex convict Doug Bopst to discuss his battle with addiction, dealing drugs and spending time […]

Ageing better with Dan Buettner

In Episode #134 I sit down with Dan Buettner, best-selling author of The Blue Zones, to chat about longevity lessons from the healthiest and longest living […]

Plant Protein Animal Protein Dr Matthew Nagra

Protein truths with Dr Matthew Nagra

In Episode #133 I sit down with Matthew Nagra, ND to tackle the almighty protein topic! You know, the nutrient we are all fascinated by. What […]

Michelle McMacken What you need to know about dietary fats Plant Proof Podcast

What you need to know about dietary fats with Dr Michelle McMacken

In Episode #132, Dr Michelle McMacken walks through the most important things you need to know about dietary fats and promoting good health. What are the […]

Paul Degelder Plant Proof Navy Diver Shark Attack Shark Week

Do you want a good life with shark attack survivor Paul Degelder

In episode #131 I sit down with Paul Degelder to talk about his journey to the military and near death shark attack experience in Sydney harbour […]

Rich Roll Plant Proof Welcoming Challenges

Welcoming challenges into your life with Rich Roll

In Episode #130, the very first Wednesday Wisdoms bite-size episode, ultra-athlete and author Rich Roll talks about investing in experience, welcoming challenges and becoming more connected […]

The power of choice with actor Adrian Grenier

In Episode #129 I sit down with Hollywood actor, musician and environmentalist Adrian Grenier to chat about his learnings from his life and the changes he […]

Whitney English Alexandra Caspero Plant based juniors

A predominately plant-based diet for babies and toddlers with registered Dietitian’s Alexandra Caspero and Whitney English

In Episode #128 I’m joined by Alexandra Caspero, RND and Whitney English, RND to discuss raising babies and toddlers on a predominately plant-based diet. Specifically we […]

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