Gemma Newman Plant Proof Menopause Simon Hill

Managing Menopause with Dr Gemma Newman

In Episode #189 I sit down with Gemma Newman, MD, to talk about all things Menopause. Specifically we cover: What is menopause The three stages of […]

Dean & Ayesha Sherzai Simon Hill Plant Proof

Tips for optimal brain health with Drs Dean & Ayesha Sherzai

In Episode #188 we hear from Neurologist’s Drs Dean & Ayesha Sherzai on building a lifestyle that promotes brain health. Topics covered include: – The optimal […]

Megan Lee Bond University Mental Health Plant-Based Diets

Diet and mental health with nutrition scientist Megan Lee

In Episode #187 I sit down with Megan Lee, BPsychSc, to talk about food and mental health. Megan is a career researcher, scientist, and academic at […]

Loss, grief and compassion with chef Derek Sarno

In Episode #186 we hear from chef Derek Sarno. This is a condensed bite-size throwback from a conversation we had a few years ago when I […]

Nimai Delgado Simon Hill The Proof

Training, nutrition, supplements & mindset with Nimai Delgado

In Episode #185 I sit back down with Nimai Delgado to continue our ongoing conversation about training, nutrition, supplementation and life in general. In this conversation […]

Max La Manna Plant Proof Simon hill

Food Waste with Max La Manna

In Episode #184 we hear from Max La Manna on his decision to adopt a plant-based diet and why we should care about food waste. This […]

Earthling Ed Simon Hill Vegan Propaganda

Vegan Propaganda with Earthling Ed

In Episode #183 I sit down with the iconic and incredibly eloquent Ed Winters, aka Earthling Ed, to chat about all things veganism. Whether you’re vegan […]

Erin Ireland Plant Proof

Erin Ireland was inspired to change her business

In Episode #182 we hear from Erin Ireland on transitioning her business to a vegan company. This is a condensed throwback from Episode #54. In this […]

Spencer Nadolsky Lean Mass Hyper Responders LMHR Simon Hill

Cholesterol, keto diets and heart disease with Spencer Nadolsky, MD

In Episode #181 I sit down with physician and lipid specialist Dr Spencer Nadolsky to talk about cholesterol, ketogenic diets and cardiovascular disease. Specifically we cover: […]

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