Sanjay Rawal Plant Proof Gather Native Americans

Lessons from First Nations people with Sanjay Rawal

In Episode #177 I sit down with filmmaker Sanjay Rawal to talk about his film Gather which documents the growing movement among Native Americans to reclaim […]

Matthew Kenney Plant food and wine double zero Plant Proof

Inspiring change through delicious food with chef Matthew Kenney

In Episode #176 I sit down with world renown chef, agent of change and entrepreneur Matthew Kenney to talk about his journey and ultimately how chefs […]

Nicholas Carter Plant Proof Climate Change Happiness Simon Hill

Is happiness the key to solving climate change with Nicholas Carter

What if tackling the world’s biggest problem, climate change, was not actually the world’s biggest problem? What if solving happiness was – and in restoring happiness […]

Jonathan Foley Climate Change Drawdown Project Plant Proof Simon Hill

Using science to solve climate change with Dr Jonathan Foley

In Episode #174 we hear from Climate Scientist, Dr Jonathan Foley, on the current state of climate change and what we can do to help the […]

Danny Lennon Sigma Nutrition Plant Proof

Is coffee healthy?

In Episode #173 I sit down with Danny Lennon to discuss the affect of coffee on our health. Specifically we cover: What coffee is What are […]

Plant-based nutrition during pregnancy and infancy

Navigating nutrition during pregnancy and infancy with dietitian Whitney English

In Episode #172 we hear from Whitney English on navigating nutrition during pregnancy and infancy. Whitney is a Registered Dietitian, the Co-Founder of Plant-Based Juniors and […]

Aviva Romm Fertility Diet Simon Hill Plant Proof

A fertility diet with Aviva Romm, MD

In Episode #171 I sit down with Aviva Romm, MD to chat about her new book Hormone Intelligence and dive into an evidence-based diet for optimising […]

Rip Esselstyn Plant Strong

Fighting the fires of chronic disease with Rip Esselstyn

In Episode #170 we hear from Rip Esselstyn, Author of Engine 2 and Founder of Plant Strong. In this throwback episode Rip talks about his work […]

Paul Shapiro Clean Meat The Better Meat Co

The future of meat with Paul Shapiro

In Episode #169 I sit down with Paul Shapiro, author of Clean Meat and the CEO and Co-Founder of The Better Meat Co, to chat about the future of food. Specifically we […]

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