Adam Sud Plant Proof Podcast

Love as a catalyst for lifelong change with Adam Sud

In Episode #144 we hear from Adam Sud on his battle with depression and addiction, and ultimately how he turned his life around by flipping the […]

Optimising gut health with Dr Alan Desmond, Dr Sarina Pasricha, Dr Will Bulsiewicz

Optimising gut health – Part 2 of 2

In Episode #143 we hear from three Gastroenterologists as part of a two part series on optimising gut health – Dr Sarina Pasricha, Dr Alan Desmond […]

Dr Uma Naidoo Harvard Psychiatrist Plant Proof

How food may be affecting your mood with Psychiatrist Dr Uma Naidoo

In this weeks Wednesday Wisdoms episode you will hear from Harvard trained Nutritional Psychiatrist, and best selling author, Dr Uma Naidoo on the parallel pandemic (mental […]

Optimising Gut Health - Part 1

Optimising gut health – Part 1 of 2

In Episode #141 we hear from three Gastroenterologists as part of a two part series on optimising gut health – Dr Sarina Pasricha, Dr Alan Desmond […]

Dr Will Bulsiewicz Simon Hill Plant Proof Gut Health

Restoring your health with Will Bulsiewicz, MD

In Episode #140 Dr Will Bulsiewicz joins us for a Wednesday Wisdoms episode dedicated to exploring the health benefits that are up for grabs through eating […]

Dr Alan Desmond Simon Hill Plant Proof Gut Health

How to lower your risk of colorectal cancer with Alan Desmond, MD

In Episode #139 I sit down with Gastroenterologist Alan Desmond, MD to talk about colorectal cancer – the third most common form of cancer globally. We […]

Dr David Katz Plant Proof Podcast

Paleo, plant-based or other with Dr David Katz

In Episode #138 we hear from David Katz, MD about eating for optimal health. In a world of diet extremes, and dogma, Dr Katz offers a […]

Hamilton Roschel Animal Versus plant protein muscle growth and strength

Animal vs plant protein for building muscle and strength

In Episode #137 I sit down with scientist Hamilton Roschel to discuss his recent study investigating whether the source of protein, animal or plant, affects muscle […]

Nicholas Carter Plant Proof Planetary Health Diet

How your diet affects the planet

In Episode 136 we hear from Environmental Researcher Nicholas Carter on how the food choices we make affect the world around us. In this episode you’ll […]

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