Professor Christopher Gardner Stanford SWAP-MEAT trial Plant-based meat Beyond Burger Plant Proof

Is plant-based meat healthy with Christopher Gardner, PhD

In Episode 167 I sit down with Stanford Professor Christopher Gardner to chat about his recent SWAP-MEAT trial that compared plant-based meat with animal-based meat. If […]

Ocean Robbins Food Revolution Network Plant Proof

What you eat matters with Ocean Robbins

In Episode #165 I sit down with Ocean Robbins, co-founder of the Food Revolution Network. Ocean is the son of John Robbins who authored Diet for […]

Seb Alex Plant Proof Animal Rights

The ethics of eating animals with Seb Alex

In Episode #164 we hear a throwback to an earlier episode with Seb Alex on the ethics of eating animal foods. As you know I like […]

Activating your inner guidance with Light Watkins

In Episode #163 I sit down with Light Watkins to talk about his new book knowing where to look, living with ‘less’, meditation, the still small […]

Emily Manoogian Plant Proof Circadian Rhythms Meal Timing

Nurturing your body clock with Emily Manoogian, PhD

In Episode #162 we hear from Emily Manoogian, PhD on working with our circadian rhythms, rather than against them. This is a condensed throwback to Episode […]

Dr Frank Lipman , Simon Hill, Plant Proof, Sleep

Better Sleep with Frank Lipman, Md

In episode #161 I sit down with Frank Lipman, Md to talk about why taking sleep more seriously and how to improve it. Specifically we cover: […]

Hannah Ritchie,PhD, Plant Proof

Eco friendly food choices with Hannah Ritchie, PhD

In Episode #160 we hear from Hannah Ritchie, PhD. Hannah is a wonderfully well researched Geoscientist who works with Our World in Data to bring complex […]

Alan Flanagan, Msc, Ancel Keys, Cholesterol, Heart Disease

Protect your heart with Alan Flanagan, Msc

In Episode #159 I sit down with nutrition scientist Alan Flanagan to take a deep dive into the history of the diet-heart-hypothesis with emphasis on the […]

Handling a shock diagnosis with Drew Harrisberg

In Episode #158, a Wednesday Wisdoms episode, we hear from my good friend Drew Harrisberg on why being diagnosed with chronic disease in his early 20’s […]

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