Getting Down to Earth with Darin Olien

In Episode #125 I sit down with New York Times best selling author Darin Olien to chat about his view on human and planetary health, as […]

Are you suffering from unhealthy comparison with Melissa Ambrosini

In Episode #124 I sit down with best selling author and podcast host Melissa Ambrosini to talk about comparison and more specifically how unhealthy comparison can […]

Feel happier, lose weight and reduce your risk of chronic disease with Gastroenterologist Dr Alan Desmond

In Episode #123 I sit back down with Dr Alan Desmond to continue our conversation on all things gut health! Specifically we cover: Alan’s path to […]

Dr Gemma Newman Plant Power Doctor Plant Proof A simple prescription for a healthier you

A simple prescription for a healthier you with Dr Gemma Newman

In Episode #122 I sit down with Dr Gemma Newman to chat about her new book ‘The Plant Power Doctor’ and the benefits of a plant-based […]

Don’t wait for pain to change your lifestyle

In Episode #121 I sit down (again) with Drew Harrisberg to talk about my new book, The Proof is in the Plants, and why it’s important […]

Healing the planet with our food choices with Dr Hannah Ritchie

In Episode 120 I sit down with Dr Hannah Ritchie, Geoscientist and senior researcher at Our World in Data, to dive deeper into our food system […]

Dr Jonathan Foley Environmentalist and climate scientist

Approaching climate change like a game of chess with Dr Jonathan Foley

Dr Jonathan Foley Environmentalist and climate scientist

Jimmy Halfcut Daintree Rainforest rewild Plant Proof

Rewilding our planet with Jimmy Halfcut

In episode #118 I sit down with James Stanton-Cooke, or Jimmy Halfcut as he goes by, to talk about the current climate conversation here in Australia […]

Dean and Ayesha Sherzai Alzheimer's solution Plant Proof

Omega 3s and brain health

In Episode 117 I sit down with Dean & Ayesha Sherzai, MD leading Neurologist’s who specialise in cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s. Recently Dean and Ayesha performed […]

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