A juicy story with Doug Evans

In Episode #179 I sit down with Doug Evans, serial entrepreneur and author of The Sprout Book, to chat about his journey in business – specifically his time building Organic Avenue and the highly publicised Silicon Valley start-up Juicero. Doug is a close friend, with a heart of gold. Easily one of my favourite conversations on this show to date.

We cover:

– What led Doug to his current home in the Mojave desert

– Doug’s discovery of the Wonder Valley hot springs

– Doug’s first business Organic Avenue

– Discovering cold-pressed juices

– Pasteurisation of juices

– Doug’s family health issues and his diet prior to going vegan

– What led Doug to going raw vegan

– Starbucks interest in buying Organic Avenue

– How Doug invented the Juicero juicer

– Finding investors for the Juicero

– The process of building the company with food scientists and engineers, etc.

– The main challenges for the company as it grew

– What led to the demise of Juicero

– Doug’s interview with Vice

– How Doug found his passion for sprouts

And more


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